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Perhaps you have already spent an immense amount of time and effort growing your business. Or maybe you are only just starting out and want to make certain your investment will always remain protected in the future. In either event, you deserve comprehensive commercial insurance like only a devoted, local agency can provide.

Maurer Insurance Agency has worked with a broad range of commercial clients for many years. Whatever line of business you might specialize in, we are well-qualified to tailor the ideal, all-encompassing insurance policy for it.

Personalized service

Our agency is prepared to assess your company’s insurance needs and prescribe the most cost-effective policies to cover them, including:


  • Commercial property insurance – protects your place of work, equipment, and vital materials from natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and more
  • Commercial auto insurance – crucial for any business which relies on vehicles
  • General liability insurance – shields the business owner from potentially crippling lawsuits
  • Workers compensation insurance – reimburses employees for wages they lose as the result of workplace injury
  • Business interruption insurance – replaces income lost as the result of property damage
  • Professional liability insurance – mitigates the damage resulting from an employee’s negligence or error

Whichever types of protection your unique line of work demands, we will make certain you receive the most cost-effective coverage. Our duty to our client also extends to facilitating their interactions with their insurance provider, thus assuring they are reimbursed for any misfortune as quickly as possible. Maurer Insurance Agency keeps businesses in business should the worst ever happen!

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